Founders Award

Why not nominate your best employee?

Consider nominating him or her for the JETCC Founders Award in honor of Jerome “Frenchie” Guevremont. The JETCC Founders Award is given annually to an operator, maintenance worker or laboratory personnel working in a municipal or industrial wastewater treatment system in Maine.

The JETCC Founders Award is intended to recognize a staff member working in a plant or wastewater system.

Basic criteria includes:

Nominations can be made by any superintendent, trustee or member of a governing board/management staff providing oversight to a wastewater system in Maine.

For more detail or to request a nomination form please contact:

JETCC Board of Directors
584 Main Street
South Portland, ME 04106

Phone: 207-253-8020
Fax: 207-771-9028

An Awards Nomination committee will be established by the JETCC Board of Directors to review and rank all submittals. The recipient will be presented the JETCC Founders Award at the MEWEA Fall Convention by a JETCC representative.

Founders Award Recipient 2017

On Thursday, September 21st, Paul Boutin, Assistant Operator and Safety Coordinator at Old Town Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF), was presented with the Founders Award from the Maine Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee (JETCC). The award was given during the Maine Water Environment Association (MEWEA) Fall Convention at Sunday River in Newry, Maine.

Paul has been working at the Old Town Water Pollution Control Facility for 25 years. Prior to that, he worked for 5 years in the city’s Public Works Department.

Paul’s nomination by Superintendent David Smith was accompanied by a 2005 Maine DEP Letter of Commendation complimenting the crew of Old Town for the great job they did keeping wastewater out of the Penobscot River when a process water pipe burst. Paul and the crew worked over 12 hours to protect the river, and Paul refused to leave the facility until everything was back to normal.

Paul always volunteers to work nights during storm flow events and is willing to work any time during emergency situations. During the winter, Paul is known to arrive at work hours early to plow the yard so the staff can get in. Paul has frequently donated his own sick time to city employees who have been ill and out of sick time. Paul will work nights to polish the floors and he is always involved in plant tours where the facility receives compliments for its cleanliness.  Paul pitched in by taking over the facility’s safety program and ultimately became the Safety Coordinator in 2015.  He also serves on the City of Old Town’s Safety Committee.

In the words of Facility Superintendent David Smith:

“The real reason why I want to nominate Paul is because of something he told me about five years ago.  He was shaking when he related the story.  I don’t think he told me because he was proud of what he did but because he was upset about it.  He told me he was driving over a bridge in Old Town and noticed a young man, possibly a teenager, on the riverside of the railing.  He stopped and walked back to talk with him.  The young man was deeply depressed and was going to jump.  Paul took the time and talked with him. Basically he got the teenager to talk and Paul listened.  Well, Paul got the kid off the bridge and gave him a ride to his friend’s house.  Paul did not stop there.  He went inside to explain to the teen’s friends what was happening.  Paul saved this kid's life and very few people know about it.  This is the kind of person Paul is.”

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