Founders Award

Why not nominate your best employee?

Consider nominating him or her for the JETCC Founders Award in honor of Jerome “Frenchie” Guevremont. The JETCC Founders Award is given annually to an operator, maintenance worker or laboratory personnel working in a municipal or industrial wastewater treatment system in Maine.

The JETCC Founders Award is intended to recognize a staff member working in a plant or wastewater system.

Basic criteria includes:

Nominations can be made by any superintendent, trustee or member of a governing board/management staff providing oversight to a wastewater system in Maine.

For more detail or to request a nomination form please contact:

JETCC Board of Directors
P.O. Box 487
Scarborough, ME

Phone: 207-253-8020
Fax: 207-771-9028

An Awards Nomination committee will be established by the JETCC Board of Directors to review and rank all submittals. The recipient will be presented the JETCC Founders Award at the MEWEA Fall Convention by a JETCC representative.

Founders Award Recipient 2016

On Thursday, September 15th, Ronald White, Lab Technician at Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District in Waterville, was presented with the Founders Award from the Maine Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee (JETCC). The award was given during the Maine Water Environment Association (MEWEA) Fall Convention at Sugarloaf USA in Carrabassett Valley, Maine.

Ron, who began his career at Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District in 1985, was nominated by Timothy LeVasseur, Superintendent, and Peter Sherwood, Lab Manager.

Since 2000 Ron has held the position of Lab Technician. Peter Sherwood stated “Ron has a solid grounding in laboratory operations, management, analysis, and process control. Every test, task, analysis, or report is completed with precision, accuracy, and attention to detail.”

Ron’s dedication during floods and ice storms does not go unnoticed. Ron was part of the crew who dealt with the 1987 massive flood at KSTD when the facility was off-line for 6 weeks, three of the five stories of the plant were under water. Process tanks were 6 to 12 feet under water. Along with it came mud and lots of petroleum products washed in from the river. In 1998, a northeastern ice storm left an electrical power outage at KSTD for 14 days. Most pump stations did not have CMP power for 10 days and everything was working off standby power. Ron’s reflection on both of these events is: "When Mother Nature challenges us, we have an obligation to work harder, to overcome, and mostly, to find a way to repair the damages”.

Along with his many roles at KSTD, Ron has contributed to his community through 20 years of involvement with his Church, as well as 15 plus years coaching Waterville Little League Program. On coaching, Ron says "Beyond my love of baseball, I felt that I could be a positive influence on some kids. There is a right way to win; there is a right way to lose. Indeed, the lessons of sportsmanship will be used in all aspects of life."

Ron has been involved in his church’s Sunday Evening Sandwich Program which assists people who don't have the means to feed themselves on a regular basis. Ron said "Each Sunday we have a team who prepares sandwiches, warm soup, maybe some pasta, a few desserts and other items. The small amount of time we spend on these Sundays goes a long way towards helping some souls looking for just a bit of nourishment they might not otherwise have".

Tim Levasseur comments that “Ron has a talent for becoming part-owner of his projects”. Whether it is with his church fellowship members, his Little League kids, or his co-workers, Ron feels he is working with a team, stating “it's not about me, it's about us”.

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