Lee Agger Award

The Lee Agger Award was established in 1990 in memory of Lee Agger, whose hard work in establishing JETCC was an inspiration to all who worked with her. Ms. Agger died in 1989 after a prolonged illness. It is said that it was Lee Agger who put JETCC on the map, as she was a very dedicated sincere woman able to motivate many people to volunteer on behalf of environmental training. This Award was created by the JETCC Board to recognize fellow environmental professionals who have shown a similar dedication to JETCC. It is presented annually at the Maine Wastewater Control Association's Convention. Selection criteria is based on meritorious support and service to environmental training in the State of Maine by an individual(s) or facility / organization. Nominations are made by the JETCC staff and board members or can be solicited from the outside.

Lee Agger Award Recipient 2015

When considering nominations for the 2015 Lee Agger Award, JETCC Board members suggested 3 different Brunswick Sewer District employees.   After careful thought, the Board unanimously recommended to give this award to the District as a whole.

The Trustees and management at Brunswick Sewer District have made significant contributions to wastewater training in Maine over the years. Brunswick Sewer District staff have opened their beautiful meeting room to many training sessions, hosted a number of facility tours, and traveled to speak at outside classes. Brunswick can boast 5 graduates from Management Candidate School, and BSD staff has frequently stepped up when JETCC needed an emergency trainer on little notice.

Not only has BSD repeatedly sponsored refreshments and lunches at their own facility, they’ve done the same for other JETCC classes at other facilities.

General Manager Lenny Blanchette, as a member of the JETCC Board of Directors, countlessly travels to JETCC and other Association meetings, to the legislature to speak on various environmental issues, and offers to assist with training presentations or hosting.  (Note:  Lenny abstained from voting on this award.)

Rob Pontau, Assistant General Manager, has explained in many training venues how to encourage even the most die-hard hold-outs to embrace wireless devices with enthusiasm.  In addition, Rob Pontau has been working for years to help our industry make the professional connection with the Public Works sector.

Brunswick Sewer District is also a leader in reaching out to the general community through Facebook, a newsletter where they post new educational tidbits, and interactive kiosks on the town’s bike path to educate people in the community about wastewater treatment and the water cycle.

Lee Agger Award Previous Winners