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Nonpoint Source/Erosion Control

Current JETCC Training Listings and Directions

The Maine DEP contracts with NEIWPCC for many of the administrative duties for Maine's Nonpoint Source Training Center (NPSTC). These duties are administered through the NEIWPCC South Portland/JETCC office.

The Maine DEP NPSTC develops and produces training courses in erosion control practices, and watershed protection. It also administers a voluntary certification program for contractors who participate in the erosion control courses. To publicize these events, the Nonpoint Source Training Center distributes two newsletters with training schedules each year plus periodic flyers. Participants in these classes include excavation contractors, consultants, Code Enforcement Officers, Professional Engineers, landscape designers, septic system installers, homeowners, as well as personnel working on erosion control, road maintenance and stormwater management plans.

To learn more about the Nonpoint Source Training Center visit the Maine DEP NPS page.

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Nonpoint Source/Erosion Control Training

Past session titles include: