Past Service Awards


Darold Wooley, Lincoln Sanitary District

On September 15, Darold Wooley received the JETCC Past Service Award at the Maine Water Environment Association’s Fall Convention. Darold served on the JETCC Board of Directors since 2008 and in 2010 became Board Chairman which was still his role when he termed out in May 2016, just before his retirement after 40 years in the industry.  Darold is one of the Founding Fathers of JETCC’s Management Candidate School, which is still going strong after seven years and 133 graduates. During his time on the JETCC Board as well as his career, Darold was always looking out for the small community operator, our industry as a whole, and was willing to ask hard questions.  Darold is also the recipient of MEWEA’s Lifetime Achievement Award which was presented to him at the Fall Convention.



John Emerson, City of Portland

John Emerson received JETCC’s past service award during a Portland Public Services staff meeting on July 7th. John served as a member of the JETCC Board of Directors since 2009 and reached his term limit in May. With his extensive experience in management and wastewater collection systems, John is a regular presenter at JETCC classes, including Management Candidate School, and other classes around the state. John's enthusiasm consistently leaves a positive and memorable impression with students.

Michael Hanson, City of Sanford

On September 17, Michael Hanson received the JETCC Past Service Award. Since 2009, Mike served on the JETCC Board of Directors.  During his time on the Board, he offered guidance on JETCC’s annual operation, has served as a program host, and taught budgeting concepts at JETCC’s Management Candidate School. Mike always used a very “down-to-earth” approach to teaching budgeting.  After a formal presentation, his style was to sit in the middle of the class horseshoe and converse with the students answering questions in a logical and informal style. Mike also recently retired from his role as Superintendent of Sanford Sewerage District where he ran things since 1997.


Daniel Welch, General Dynamics ATP

Daniel Welch received JETCC’s past service award on June 4th during JETCC’s biennial Board and Planning meeting in Fairfield. After serving two consecutive terms (6 years) representing industry on JETCC’s Board of Directors, Dan reached a term limit at the end of May. During his time on the JETCC Board, Dan was instrumental in gaining more trainers from industry and also helped steer JETCC toward working with program sponsors.

Dick Darling, Maine DEP

After 22 years with Maine DEP, Dick Darling retired in April 2014 and received a Past Service Award on June 4th during JETCC’s Board and Planning meeting. Throughout his time with the department, Dick also served as Secretary on the JETCC Board of Directors. He was also an Advisor on all things related to training and the impetus behind many training programs that served the wastewater operators in the state of Maine.


Dana Peck, Peck Environmental Associates

On September 15, 2011, Dana Peck received a Past Service Award for his role as Industrial Representative with the JETCC Board of Directors.  Dana served on the JETCC Board from May 2008 through May 2011. While teaching at York County Community College, Dana lead an effort to re-institute a wastewater training program. Dana brought his enthusiasm to the JETCC Board of Directors in 2008. As a result of some of the inroads Dana initiated, by 2009 the JETCC Board teamed with MWWCA and Maine DEP to launch the 12-month Management Candidate School. Dana continues to support the management school and conducts a "Management and Leadership" class as part of the curriculum.

John Hart, City of Saco

On April 29, 2011, John Hart was presented with the JETCC Board of Directors Past Service Award during the Maine Wastewater Control Association's Spring Conference in Portland.  In total, since 1994, John has served approximately 13 years on the JETCC Board of Directors, including a 3 year stint as Chairman from 1999-2001.  Throughout John's time with the JETCC Board, he also has been active in various capacities with Water Environment Federation.  John Hart also played a significant role in getting the 12-month Management Candidate School started in 2009.