Maine Management Candidate School

This 12-month program is designed to train the next generation of managers and supervisors. The fifth year of MCS (Class of 2014) is now underway at the Brunswick Sewer District. JETCC is pleased to welcome 16 students from the water and wastewater industry throughout the state of Maine!

2014-2015 Announcement Letter
2014-2015 Recommendation Form
2014-2015 Draft Schedule

JETCC, Maine DEP and DHHS, Maine Wastewater Control Association, and Maine Water Utilities Association are pleased to offer the Management Candidate School (MCS). This 12-month training program, which first started in Maine in September 2009, provides the intensive training, networking and skill-development coursework necessary to prepare the next generation of water and wastewater managers and leaders. With many of Maine's current water and wastewater managers at or near retirement age, it is hoped that the individuals who complete the MCS program will be able to continue the critical work of managing the state's water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. This exciting training program is aimed at mid-level operators with management potential.

Following a model established by Rhode Island, JETCC's board of directors and the Maine Wastewater Control Association executive committee spearheaded the effort to launch this training program. For the first year, MEWEA and DEP provided significant financial support. The year-long program includes management courses, technical courses (such as engineering basics and construction planning) as well as skill training in areas such as personnel management, media relations, dealing with regulatory agencies, and budget preparation. Participants earn more than 70 training contact hours and will be able to count the training for two renewal cycles.

For information about current and upcoming MCS programs, click on the links above. For general information, contact JETCC at (207) 253-8020.

Training Schedule page

Class of 2014

Left to Right - Christian Rodriguez, Portland Water District; Jonathan McCabe, Freeport Sewer District; Zhenya Shevchenko, City of South Portland; David Pratt, Boothbay Harbor Sewer District; James Trombley, Newport Water District; Shawn Ready, Ted Berry Company; Michael Janczura, Thomaston Pollution Control; Kevin Frasier, Maine Water Co.-Biddeford-Saco; Michael Stewart, Lisbon Sewer District; Jason Prout, Brunswick Sewer District; Cindi Heanssler, Verso Paper-Bucksport; Tony Yorke, York Water District; William Stritch, Yarmouth WWTP; Kevin Eaton, York Sewer District; Dustin Price, York Sewer District; Tom Chase, York Water District.

Class of 2013

Left to Right - Back Row: Tom Wiley, So. Portland Water Resource Protection; Andrew Whitaker, Saco Water Resource Recovery Facility; Jeffrey Moulton, South Portland Water Resource Protection; Tom Mason, Brunswick Sewer District; Alex Buechner, Biddeford Wastewater Treatment Facility; Michael Cummons, Maine Water Company-Rockport; Stanley Doughty Jr., Brunswick & Topsham Water District; Justin Futia, City of Portland; Jeffrey Hatch, Greater Augusta Utility District; Andy Bryant, Ted Berry Company; Chris Curtis, Yarmouth Water District; Front Row: Benjamin LaPlante, Kennebec Water District; Keefe Cyr, Bangor Wastewater Treatment Facility; Peter Godfrey, Greater Augusta Utility District; Marissa Carr, Maine Water Company-Biddeford & Saco; Chelsea Elliot, Alfred Water District; Eric Altvater, Machias Wastewater Treatment Plant; Not pictured: Chris Remick, Maine Water Company-Bucksport

Class of 2012

Left to Right - Back Row: Matt Densmore, Brunswick Sewer District; Carl Palm, Kittery Water District; Noah Emery, York Water District; Michael Courtenay, Warren Sanitary District; Joel Anderson, Portland Water District; Sean Castles, South Portland Water Resource Protection Dept; Glen Bellefleur, Scarborough Sanitary Distict; Middle Row: Michael Lockard, Brewer Water Pollution Control Facility; Larry Graham, York Water District; Tim Wade, Kennebec Water District; Adrian LeClair, Maine Water Company-Skowhegan; Eric Gagnon, Brunswick Topsham Water District; Stacy Thompson, Saco Water Resource Recovery Facility; David Madsen, Lewiston Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority; Mike Dunham, Ted Berry Company; Dan Bicknell, Freeport Sewer District; Leeann Hanson, JETCC Training Coordinator; Kneeling: Nick Rico, Kennebunk Sewer District; Michael Antonelli, Wells Sanitary District; Travis Bickford, Maine Water Company-Freeport

Class of 2011

Left to Right - Back Row: James Wallace, Portland Water District; Matt Zetterman, Kennebec Water District; Scott Paradis, Bangor Wastewater Treatment Plant; Mark Damon, Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Plant; William Alexander, Brunswick Topsham Water District; James McLaughlin, Baileyville Wastewater Treatment Plant; Jason Sockbeson, Penobscot Nation Water Pollution Control Facility; Scott Hesseltine, Lincoln Sanitary District Middle Row: Nelson "Skip" Murphy, Brewer Water Dept; Matt Small, Brewer Water Dept; Robert Lento, Mars Hill Utility District; Shawn Gifford, Lincoln Sanitary District; Michael Durant, Town of Kingfield; Damon Bickford, Clinton Water District; Cintya Bailey, Verso Paper; Wendy Pollard, Old Town Water District Kneeling: Jamie Holyoke, Hampden Water District; Kevin Luttrell, Bangor Water District; Duane Brown, Falmouth Wastewater Treatment Plant; Ron White, Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District; Lynn Woodard, Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District (Not pictured: Travis Jones, Bar Harbor Wastewater Division)

Class of 2010

Left to Right - Back Row: Gary Farnham, Boothbay Harbor Sewer District; Christopher Cline, Yarmouth Sewer District; Dale Quimby, Chick Hill Spray Facilities, Rangeley Middle Row: Nick Konstantoulakis, Mechanic Falls Sanitary District; Peter Elias, Anson-Madison Sanitary District; Sal Bartolotta, Great Salt Bay Sanitary District, Damariscotta; Andre Brousseau, MWWCA President; Leeann Hanson, JETCC Training Coordinator; Carl Leathers, Kennebec STD, Waterville; Steve Aievoli, Town of Lisbon; Soct Lausier, Kennebunkport WWTF Front Row: Jeannette Murch, Falmouth WWTP; Jennifer Nicholson, Brunswick Sewer District; Celeste Fletcher, Wells Sanitary District; Daniel Laflamme, City of Biddeford; Ty Morin, Sanford Sewerage District. (Not pictured: Peter Sherwood, Kennebec STD, Waterville; Michael Tibbetts Jr., York Sewer District; George Kathios, Kittery WPCF)